Humanitarian aid for single parents

In cooperation with our partners, the Food Aid Platform and the Food Bank of Slovakia, we organize humanitarian and food aid for single parents and their children who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Help will be provided depending on the amount of goods we receive from partners. Who is humanitarian aid intended for? […]

A strong voice for single parents

The main goal of the Strong voice of single parents project is to increase the online and offline participation of single parents and their family members in the discussion about their position in society, their rights and needs. The specific goal of the project is the organization of 7 hybrid public meetings and 2 round […]

Digital education for children

30 children will participate in thematic trainings, which are aimed at acquiring soft skills, specifically focused at digital literacy of young people, where they will learn the basics of working with a text editor, the basics of working with a free online application designed for creating presentations.


“The digital age offers socially disadvantaged, disabled and dependent citizens new available options for improving their daily lives. New technologies can streamline and improve the quality of life not only for socially and medically disadvantaged and dependent citizens, but also for their family members.” The main goal of the project is to increase the awareness […]