Digital education for children

JEDEN RODIČ currently works with more than 200 families in an existential crisis. These families are part of our Annual Assistance Program, which helps single parents change their life situation with the help of professional counseling, humanitarian and food aid.

The common denominator is that these families are in a financial crisis and have trouble affording the textbooks, school supplies and technical equipment that the children need to study. Children who will participate in this special course will primarily be in elementary school or high school.

10 week course „Digital skills training“

Most families in our program have at least 2-4 school-going children. Children who are expected to participate in “digital skills training” will be able to pass on their knowledge to their siblings and share their experiences with their parents.

The inability to access the Internet and to work with a computer can have significant adverse effects on any family in today’s society. Considering that children are expected to take certain classes online, do online research for school projects, prepare presentations and communicate with the school.

Many of our children also suffer from medical or other disabilities that prevent them from fully participating in everyday learning at school. If they do not have access to a computer or the Internet and do not know how to use it, they are robbed of future life opportunities. This situation then further deepens the cycle of poverty.

Children will be able to directly participate in digital skills training. Doors will open for them that would not be possible without help.

Main workshop topics

During 10 weeks, the children will participate in thematic trainings, which are aimed at acquiring soft skills, specifically focused at digital literacy of young people, where they will learn the basics of working with a text editor, the basics of working with a free online application designed for creating presentations.

In the section focused on the prevention of cyberbullying, education is set on identifying pitfalls, avoiding this activity, decent behavior in the online space and critical thinking.

In the third section, we will focus on increasing financial literacy and prevention of young people – e.g. virtual purchases on game portals.

The series of workshops will complete with a final “project” that the youth will develop in an online application such as Canva. In cooperation with the lecturers, we will select the best one who will receive a reward.

After completing the workshops and education, the participants will receive a Certificate, where the condition of every individual is to complete 80% of the course.


Registration is closed. Children and youth aged 10 and over from families that are in the Annual Assistance Program or have completed it will participate in the program.

Partner of project

Projekt Education for children – is being realized thanks to support from C&A.