Every single parent is a star.

The first and only slovak organisation that stands on the side of single-parent families.

We stand on the side of single parents and children throughout Slovakia.

Jeden rodič

How we help

Single parents face numerous obstacles.
Our mission is to assist in overcoming them.

We provide registered parents with specialised professional services and advice through a comprehensive Annual assistance programme.

We provide single parents with opportunities for education and development, helping them to enhance their competitiveness in the job market.

We increase the online and offline participation of single parents and their family members in discussions about their status in society, their rights, and needs.

In collaboration with our partners, we organise humanitarian and food aid for single parents and their children.



It would not be possible without you.

We thank all partners and supporters who, through their actions, financial support, or joint projects, assist single-parent families.

Parents, you don't have to face everything alone.
Fill out a request for assistance.

growing up in single-parent families, experiencing daily social pressure from society
0 children
raising children alone, exposed to psychological, social, and financial burdens
0 parents
living in poverty with existential problems, having only €5.50 per day for food for the entire household
0 % families
no attention or support from the state, local authorities, or employers, and a lack of assistance
0 % help

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We have already helped
over 391 parents.


Testimonials ❤️

The expert advisors on your team have been incredibly helpful to me, going above and beyond. It is difficult to change bad habits reinforced over the years in a toxic family environment. Yet, you continue to support and assist us. We are gradually paying off our debts, learning to save, and moving forward in life. Thank you.



You helped me in a difficult life situation. At first, I was scared. Thanks to your support, I found the courage and a job. I am completing my advanced studies and want to start working in what I love, which is pastry making. I love baking cakes, pastries, and pies. I have four beautiful children, and since joining the other parents in SINGLE PARENT, I have met wonderful people.



Due to poor health, I lost my job and income. I was at a crossroads, wondering which direction to take next. At that time, a career coach helped me write a proper CV and cover letter. A life coach helped me bring out my positive traits from my subconscious. SINGLE PARENT is the first organization that doesn’t just need me for numbers but truly helps.



The SINGLE PARENT project also helped me by allowing me to communicate with experts online, who advised me on how to improve my life situation. Thanks to them, I learned that job centres offer courses in various fields to help people advance, and they even cover the costs. It’s an amazing thing.