“The digital age offers socially disadvantaged, disabled and dependent citizens new available options for improving their daily lives. New technologies can streamline and improve the quality of life not only for socially and medically disadvantaged and dependent citizens, but also for their family members.”

The main goal of the project is to increase the awareness of digital technologies among a disadvantaged group of people – single parents. Thanks to the implementation of the project, 30 selected socially disadvantaged families will acquire new knowledge and skills that they can use in solving problems and thus improve the quality of their lives.

Thanks to the acquired knowledge and skills, members of one-parent families will gain new ideas, information, competences, knowledge, new possibilities for communication with the authorities, and at the same time, the possibilities of finding a new or better paid work.

After cooperation with our organization, parents and children will be able to work with a computer. They will be oriented in the online space and be able to use it sensibly for themselves. In the world of digitization, automation, unemployment problems, they will be able to look for opportunities and turn them to their advantage to increase the standard of living of themselves and their children. They will be ready to find a job.

They will be able to connect to online counseling, write a resume independently, create a table of income and expenses in Excel, look for opportunities online to improve their lives, educate themselves and their children, find suitable job offers, write a story about themselves, to raise money to bridge the crisis period in life through donation portals.

By developing digital skills, they will access information and take advantage of opportunities that will help them improve their lives.

Main project acitivities

5 workshops with a professional IT trainer, which will create a new category of e-learning on the client portal “My life and me” in the form of 15 educational videos.

30 single parents who are in the Annual Assistance Program will participate directly in the workshops. As part of the project, some parents will receive a functional laptop for study and work.