How do we help one-parent families

Improving the lives of one-parent families

Our main goal is to help and support single parents.

  • Complex assistance – Our main form of help is our unique Annual assistance program, which provides single parents with professional advisory, food and humanitarian aid during the period of 12 months.
  • Educational program – All of our registered single parents have unlimited access to specialized online education platform “My life and me”, which focuses on topics of psychology, health, work, legal, finances, relationships and childcare.
  • Advocacy – We work on improving the online and offline involvement of single parents and their family members in discussions about their social status, their needs and legal rights.
  • Humanitarian aid – In cooperation with our partners we organize food and humanitarian aid for single parents and their children in crisis. Aid is provided depending on the frequency and amount of goods from our partners.

Single parenthood

affects a large portion of our society

500 thousand children

are growing up in families with just one parent and facing daily social pressure

357 199 parents

raising their children alone face psychological, social and financial stress

50 % households

living in poverty with existencial problems, with just 5,5 EUR daily for food for the whole household

0 % assistance

attention and support from government, as well as absence of complex assistance

Parents, you don't have to face the world alone.
Find out how we help single parents.

Would you like to help?

We can’t do this without you. Find out how you can help one-parent families.

Would you like to support families in need financially? Send any amount to our transparent account.

Do you know families with only one parent? Are you open to help families and children in need? Join us as volunteer.

Do you have an interesting project in mind how to help one-parent families? Are you a professional and would like to offer your services?

JEDEN RODIČ is here for YOU

There is currently no systematic support for one-parent families in Slovakia. JEDEN RODIČ is here to fill the gap.

We develop cooperation with NGOs and corporate partners to find support for one-parent families and improve their difficult life circumstances.

Cooperation with JEDEN RODIČ

  • Do you also help one-parent families?
  • Do you consider cooperation between NGOs important?
  • Do you have an idea how to help one-parent families and are looking for a partner?
  • Would you like to work with us?
  • Let us know. Together we can achieve more.

It wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you!

We thank our partners and supporters, who help us with financial assistance, cooperation and joined projects to help one-parent families.