How do we help single parents?

Single parents face many obstacles. Our mission is to help
overcoming them.

We provide professional specialized services and advice to registered parents via
a comprehensive Annual assistance program that will enable the family to improve their living situation with the help of our experts.

Forms of assistance

Parents, you don't have to do everything alone. We will help you too!

When can we help you?

1. I'm at the beginning

I am a first time single parent. It is here that I find group work with parents who have found themselves alone, or are in divorce proceedings, face threats, are under pressure, have no experience. They will receive recommendations – instructions on how to manage this period of life better (mentally, physically, financially, legally). This program does not have a therapeutic purpose, but focuses mainly on resources and experiences.

2. I feel stuck

Although we cannot change this situation, our attitude towards it can. Certified coaches, psychologists provide professional assistance. They guide the parent more easily through this period of life, give him insight so that he can find a solution and go through this stage of life better with his children.

3. I need to talk

As part of group work, we deal with life situations that parents, raising their children, need to deal with. Together we have the opportunity to share our experiences and get new ideas from each other. We also realize that we are not alone with our problems. The practice of group psychology is supposed to help the participants gain enough empathy and attention and be able to manage this stressful period.

The first aid for single parents in Slovakia

Every sixth child in Slovakia lives in a household with an income below the poverty line.