Single-parent families also have
the right to a fulfilling life.

They face numerous obstacles. Our mission is to help them overcome these challenges.

Are these problems troubling you?

Single-parent families have to manage all the tasks that in complete families are handled by two adults.

Moreover, many have not yet resolved issues with their former partner. Naturally, this brings psychological problems, overall exhaustion, and very often financial or even existential difficulties.

Mental exhaustion

After the breakup, it is difficult. I cannot handle it mentally. I cannot find a way out. My children are also suffering because of it.

Communication with an ex-partner

It is very difficult for me to communicate with my ex-partner. We can hardly agree on anything. We deliberately create problems for each other.

Financial difficulties

Our family has only one income. Although I receive child support, we cannot adjust to the reduced income. We are experiencing financial difficulties.

Parents, you don't have to do everything alone. We will help you too!

We will help you too.

Professional assistance

  • Professional assistance from a social worker, psychologist, and coach to help you overcome the biggest crises and fears, and to gain the necessary peace, confidence, and motivation to move forward, live fully, and raise your children.
  • A lawyer and mediator to assist in communication with your ex-partner, setting rules for child care, and calming often tense situations.
  • A family financial advisor to help adjust the family budget to a single-income situation, so you can avoid potential financial collapse and be able to create a reserve even from limited resources.
  • A career advisor to help you rediscover and strengthen your skills and prepare for obtaining the necessary job and income for you and your children.

Forms of assistance

  • Comprehensive Assistance – Do you need advice, someone to talk to, or help?
  • Food Assistance – Do you lack basic food supplies for yourself and your children?
  • Educational Program – Do you have many questions and are looking for specific answers? Would you like to learn tips, advice, and recommendations on what to do if you are handling the entire situation on your own?